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Speech language pathologists & speech therapists for students in Bergen County, NJ

With the ongoing shortage of speech therapy for kids and budget pressures, school districts seek contractual services to meet both budget and staffing needs. We can provide on-site therapy and evaluations to your students. Addressing your students needs with challenges such as literacy skills, scholastic achievement, and developing peer relationships. At Speech Therapy Plus LLC, we love to see students thrive. We would like to offer professional and individualized services to your students and staff.

Free Speech Language Screenings

Wondering if your students can benefit from speech therapy?

Speech-language pathologists treat a variety of areas that are important to a child’s development. Early screening and detection is the best way to help set up a child who may have difficulties for future success. Parents will receive results shortly after screening. If there are any concerns, an evaluation may be recommended for further assessment. At the conclusion of the screening, information on the findings will be provided to the parents and recommendations will be offered in writing.


If you are interested in a free school screening, contact us at (201) 509-8205

We are not a contracting company. We are a local practice offering professional and personalized services to your students and staff. Speech Therapy Plus offers full time, part time or temporary staffing. Our goal is to fit YOUR needs

Reading, writing, math, social studies and science all require good communication skills for success.

ALL classes require children to follow directions!


  • Complimentary in-school services to your staff for training and education purposes.
  • Consulting and collaborating with classroom teachers regarding student needs.


  • Providing assessments based on classroom observation along with, interviews with teachers, parents, and other professionals. Informal tasks, and formal testing according to the student’s needs.
  • We work on Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.
  • We can also address supplemental literacy skills upon requests.
  • Individual and group therapy to students per IEP


  • The SLP is available in person, by phone or by email to work with parents
  • Provide parents with an understanding of the student’s communication needs. As related to language learning, literacy development, behavior and general ability to participate in the classroom program.
  • Complimentary presentation to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Speech Therapy Plus LLC will help your students reach their utmost potential.

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