Therapy Services for Speech and Language Disorders
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Speech Therapist & Language Pathologist Services In Mahwah, New Jersey



Speech Therapist Services & Language Pathologist Services In Mahwah, New Jersey

Speech Therapy Plus LLC provides professional, licensed, and certified speech therapy and language pathologist services. We are dedicated with assisting our community for the betterment of you or your child’s speech/language disorder. We evaluate, diagnose, and treat all speech and language disorders for young children, kids, teens, and adults. Our speech therapists and SLP’s (speech language pathologists) are hand picked and go through rigorous screening in order to become part of the staff here at Speech Therapy Plus LLC in Fair Lawn. We accept most insurances and work with clients in Mahwah and throughout all of Bergen County, New Jersey. Our goal is to provide our clients a comfortable and friendly atmosphere because we believe that comfort and friendliness is critical for maximum progress.

Speech and Language Disorders We Treat

Speech disorders and language disorders vary from client to client and must be approached differently for everyone. We develop a strategy and a plan to treat our clients that will ensure progress and results. Speech Therapy Plus LLC offers treatment for the following speech and language disorders:

  • Receptive Language Disorders – difficulty of understanding or processing language.
  • Expressive Language Disorders – difficulty of being able to put words together. This also includes having a limited vocabulary as well as the inability to use language in a socially appropriate way.
  • Speech Fluency Disorders – problems that include stuttering, as well as abnormal stoppages in which the flow of speech is interrupted. This interruption includes partial-word repetitions as well as prolonging sounds and syllables.
  • Speech Resonance or Voice Disorders – difficulties communicating with listeners because the quality of what’s being said is distracting. This includes problems with pitch and volume that also may cause discomfort for an adult or child when speaking.

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Choosing the right speech therapist or SLP is crucial for maximum success. At Speech Therapy Plus LLC we are dedicated to our clients and will do everything in our power plus more to help you or your child with the issues your are experiencing. We invite you to look at what our clients are saying about the services we offer by clicking here. Thank you for considering us and visiting our website. We look forward to working with you!

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