Therapy Services for Speech and Language Disorders
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Speech Therapist & Language Pathologist Services In Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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Speech Therapist & Speech Language Pathologist Services In Fair Lawn, New Jersey

At Speech Therapy Plus LLC we evaluate, treat, & diagnose speech disorders and language disorders for kids and adults. A speech disorder refers to the problem of a pronunciation of sounds. A language disorder refers to a problem understand or putting words together to communicate ideas. We provide professional 1-on-1 therapy sessions because building a close, personal relationship with you or your child is mandatory to produce results. Not only do we provide 1-on-1 therapy sessions in our offices, but we also provide you and your child with tools to take home and practice to consistently work on and improve their speech. We provide therapy sessions for all speech disorders and language disorders.

Speech Therapy Services

At Speech Therapy Plus LLC we provide therapy sessions for all speech disorders including:

  • Speech Articulation Disorders – difficulties producing sounds in syllables or pronouncing words. It creates a barrier between the listener and the one speaking not allowing the listener to understand what is being said.
  • Speech Fluency Disorders – problems that include stuttering, as well as abnormal stoppages in which the flow of speech is interrupted. This interruption includes partial-word repetitions as well as prolonging sounds and syllables.
  • Speech Resonance or Voice Disorders – difficulties communicating with listeners because the quality of what’s being said is distracting. This includes problems with pitch and volume that also may cause discomfort for an adult or child when speaking.

Speech Therapy Plus LLC can assist you with diagnosis for you or your child’s speech disorder and create a plan to help correct it and improve it.

Language Disorders

Language disorders can be either receptive and expressive.

  • Receptive Language Disorders – Receptive Language Disorders are the difficulty of understanding or processing language.
  • Expressive Language Disorders – Expressive Language Disorders are the difficulty of being able to put words together. This also includes having a limited vocabulary as well as the inability to use language in a socially appropriate way.

Other types of language disorders include:

  • Cognitive – Communication Disorders – include the difficulty with communication skills involving attention, perception, memory, organization, and problem solving.
  • Dysphagia & Oral Feeding Disorders – involve issues with eating or drinking. This include issues with chewing, coughing, swallowing, and refusing foods.

If you or your child is experiencing any issues with their speech or language, then it may be time to look towards hiring a professional speech therapist. We build personal relationships will all of our clients. This promotes comfort and maximum progress. Please fill out the form to request and appointment with us.

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