Therapy Services for Speech and Language Disorders
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Speech Therapist & Language Pathologist Services In Bergenfield, New Jersey




Speech Therapist Services & Language Pathologist Services In Bergenfield, New Jersey

Welcome to Speech Therapy Plus LLC where we provide professional speech and language therapy services for young kids, teens, and adults. If you or your child are experiencing trouble communicating with others through speech or language, then it may be time to seek professional help. The therapists at Speech Therapy Plus LLC are fully licensed and experts in the speech and language field. Our goal is to help correct any speech or language disorders you may have and provide results. Our therapy sessions consist of 1-on-1 treatment in our offices with a licensed speech therapist or language pathologist.

Speech and Language Disorders We Treat

We promote a comfortable setting and strive to maintain a healthy, comfortable relationship with you and your kids because we believe that comfort plays an important role in progress. Not only do we provide treatment within our offices but we give you material to take home and continue to work with so you can consistently work on your disorder. We provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for many speech and language disorders. Some of the disorders that we treat are:

  • Receptive Language Disorders – difficulty of understanding or processing language.
  • Expressive Language Disorders – difficulty of being able to put words together. This also includes having a limited vocabulary as well as the inability to use language in a socially appropriate way.
  • Speech Fluency Disorders – problems that include stuttering, as well as abnormal stoppages in which the flow of speech is interrupted. This interruption includes partial-word repetitions as well as prolonging sounds and syllables.
  • Speech Resonance or Voice Disorders – difficulties communicating with listeners because the quality of what’s being said is distracting. This includes problems with pitch and volume that also may cause discomfort for an adult or child when speaking.

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If you think you’re ready to take the next step, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below to request an appointment with Speech Therapy Plus LLC. All the therapists in our offices are passionate about their work and strive for client success consistently. We invite you to look at what our clients are saying about the services we offer by clicking here. Thank you for considering us and visiting our website. We look forward to working with you!

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